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You can see that kind of text in every our YouTube channel video in description part and it’s very important you to read and understand how to use our audio files. Before downloading and using our Copyright free audios you must to check this page, so you will be able to use our audios without any strikes and any problems. This is short guide how to use our audio files. Please, pay attention and read texts down below slowly and accurately!

We are the Community that provides NoCopyrightNasheeds but we can’t say that our all contents are 100% Copyright free. If you are a content creator we reccomend you check description part of each video or audio before using it, to be sure that the audio is Copyright free.

Our Website Example:

Copyright free ✅ (It means audio is Copyright free)

Copyrighted ❌ (It means audio is Copyrighted)

Our YouTube channel example:

This Nasheed is Copyright free, you can monetize it ✅. (It means audio is Copyright free)

!!! This Nasheed is required Copyright so you can’t monetize your vieos by using this Nasheed ❌ !!! (It means audio is Copyrighted) 

1. Keep in mind that this kind of nasheeds can never replace The Noble QUR’AN!
2. This no copyright nasheed can be used in your content only if your content(topic and shown content) is not against Islam religion!
3. Please, keep in mind that not all Nasheeds in this channel are Copyright free, so please check first decription before using it, You can check If Nasheeed required Copyright or it’s Copyright free in description.
4. You can use this copyright free nasheed (allowed by its owner).
– When you are using this track, please add this in your description (Copy and Paste source down below).
Music Provided by NoCopyrightNasheeds
Title: (Video title place).
Watch: (Video link place)

[IMPORTANT] Keep in mind that you can use only our Audios not our Videos and when you using our audios you must to Credit our YouTube channel’s name on your video’s description part. If you don’t do it you might get copyright strike. So be careful brothers & sisters. Just put that “Terms of use” part above on your description and that’s all you need to do. Just respect our job brothers & sisters and you will be respected as well! Assalamu Alaikum!

NCN (NoCopyrightNasheeds) provides copyright-free Nasheeds for content creators, but we don’t 100% guarantee that all Nasheeds are copyright-free because we are not the real creators of any Nasheeds. So it’s possible that you might get a copyright claim from the real Artists of Nasheeds, but not from us. We don’t give Copyright claims to anyone who uses and “Credits” Nasheeds from our channel. You might only get a copyright claim from the real creators or artists of Nasheeds. In those situations, we recommend that you get in touch with the real Artists or Creators of Nasheeds properly.

All rights of each Audios are belong to the real Authors and Performers of the tracks. ✅

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

License for use outside of YouTube

You may ask us “How can I use Nasheeds outside of YouTube and without crediting NoCopyrightNasheeds company name?”

The answer is simple and for this you need to buy our license and you will be able to use any Nasheeds from us as much as you wish outside of  YouTube, anywhere and anytime without crediting or mentioning our company’s name.

It means you will own our company’s license to use our Nasheeds outside of  YouTube without crediting our company name, but it doesn’t mean that you will own Nasheeds itself. All rights belong to the real Artists and Creators of Nasheeds.

You have three options to buy license, forever and for a month or you can subscribe to our Mujahideen membership level that allows you to use our Nasheeds outside of YouTube without crediting our company’s name. Just choose the option that really fits to you. Now let’s talk about cost of licensing:

1) Forever license for 49.49$.
2) License for a month 19.49$.
3) Mujahideen membership level for 11.49$ (per month).

Full guide of Purchase processing.

If you want to buy License forever or just for a month you just need to make a purchase by clicking here.
After making your purchase just send us screenshot and we will check your payment and send you pdf file of license document that says you bought license for a month or forever. If you just want to subscribe to our Mujahideen membership level, the process will be same, just send us your payment information and we will send you license document. You can subscribe to “Mujaheedin” membership level here. Hope you will find the best option.

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“ Indeed, those who believe, do good, establish prayer, and give zakah (pay alms-tax) will receive their reward from their Lord, and there will be no fear for them, nor will they grieve. ”

QUR’AN: Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayah 277.